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Community Engagement

Run an interactive real-time discussion without having to bring people together. Provide your community with an update on issues followed a moderated conversation to share, test and score ideas and perspectives about those issues

Focus Groups

Like a face-to-face focus group, Synthetron allows you to test policy, product or service ideas; outline proposals via words, videos or images; and engage participants in an interactive discussion to understand what they think and value.


A Synthetron dialogue allows a large number of people, working in virtual and interconnected small groups, to respond to conference presentations, share their views and crowdsource ways to apply the ideas coming from the presentations.


Email, discussion forums and video conferencing have their limits when you need more than 10 people to develop ideas or plans. Synthetron enables you to run real-time moderated discussions in an efficient and engaging way to gather actionable insights and co-create solutions.

Synthetron is an online platform that provides decision makers with critical insights of the views of citizens, staff, members or customers.

It’s a dynamic virtual platform for enabling citizen participation, facilitating change management, undertaking member engagement, and gaining customer insights.

Synthetron helps unlock the answers you need via a real time moderated online conversation.

Its quick, convenient, easy and safe to use for conversations with 10 people or 1000 people per session.

Used by world-class organisations, it delivers actionable insights fast to uncover what people really think and value.

Synthetron is:

  • Fast: Typical time from first briefing to final output is 4 weeks
  • Scalable: Invite 10-1000 people from anywhere in the world
  • Convenient: no downloads, participants can log in from any location
  • Focused: moderated discussions that clients can observe
  • Engaging: anonymous, enjoyable, user-friendly, real time interaction
  • Inclusive and conclusive: everyone has a voice, no idea is wasted, best ideas prioritized by the group itself
  • Valuable: our consultants work closely with you to discover actionable insights
  • Trusted: by key governments, business and not-for-profits around the world.
  • Results: Participants are engaged and feel appreciated and you get the input you need to move forward, instantly.
Synthetron works by enabling participants (up to 1000 per session) to:

  • engage in community conversations in a safe, easy, convenient and anonymous way
  • access the online platform with one click – no downloads or cookies. And they don’t need much bandwidth to participate from their tablet or laptop.
  • share their opinions, comment on the opinion of others, and build on each other’s ideas – all in real time.
  • score ideas using our unique evolutionary crowdsourcing algorithm


Participate in moderated online conversations in real time…..
Watch people identify, share and score winning ideas…
Get actionable insights…
Move forward together – in just one hour…
Receive deep dive reports on agreements & disagreements…

Synthetron enables participants to engage in a unique evolutionary discussion powered by our state-of-the-art algorithm. With Synthetron, strong ideas move on and are shared across the virtual “tables” while weak ideas stay at the table.

See how it works

Watch our short animation for an overview of how Synthetron works to identify the most important ideas from participants.

Discover how it feels

If you are considering having a Synthetron online dialogue in your organisation, then this short video will give you an idea of what to expect during the event.

A Synthetron subscription for every need

Single Use

The one stop shop solution

Move forward easily and quickly with your next community engagement, workshop, focus group or conference by engaging our team to host your event online.

We professionally manage your online conversation end-to-end. Our team of online engagement experts:

  • Work in partnership with you to co-create your event program and script;
  • Moderate your online event just like a face-to-face facilitator;
  • Manage all the IT connectivity and participant support issues; and
  • Document the outcomes of your event for you.

Subscription Package

Flexible options for your needs

For those wishing to organise a series of online dialogues, we offer a suite of flexible and cost-effective subscription packages based on the number of participants you wish to engage and the number of dialogues you wish to host.

This is a great option for engagement professionals needing to run online workshops for multiple clients, organisations wishing to engage teams in change management initiatives, researchers wishing to schedule a series of focus groups, and professional conference organisers. With our flexible subscription products, we can moderate your online dialogues and provide participant support or train you to run Synthetron sessions yourself.

    To find out more about these options, including pricing, contact us.

    We seek to build the capabilities of government, business and civil society to realise the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 16 to:

    “Ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels” and

    “Develop effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels”