Strathbogie Community Panel

Our community panel

Strathbogie Shire invites you to be part of our Community Panel to develop our first long-term Community Vision and set the direction for our next Council Plan.

How will the Community Panel work?

The Strathbogie Shire Community Panel will consist of about 25 to 30 people from throughout our region. Panel members will be independently recruited in a random-selection process to ensure there is a cross-section of people working together to drive Council’s direction.

Through an independently facilitated process, the panel will draft a Vision Statement that captures what our community values most about living in our Shire, and set the priorities for a Council Plan that gets us there.

Expert facilitators will support panel members with different viewpoints to work together in a respectful manner and come to a shared position. It will not be a public meeting format where loud voices can sometimes dominate.

When will it be meeting?

The panel will meet on three occasions and members are requested to attend all meetings.

Meeting one: Sunday, July 18 from 10am to 4pm

Meeting two: Sunday, July 25 from 10am to 4pm

Meeting three: Sunday, August 1 from 10am to 4pm.

The meetings will be held at the Longwood Community Centre, subject to the COVID requirements at the time.

Meals and snack will be provided at the face-to-face meeting and panel members who attend all sessions will receive an honorarium of $150 in recognition of their time and commitment to being part of this process.

Support will be provided to enable all members of the panel to participate. If you are selected we will speak with you about any support needs you may have.


Want to know more?

Contact Daren McDonald on 0472 761 324 or email

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