Hunter Water's 2025 price proposal community panel

Hunter Water invites you to join our 2025 price proposal community panel to help shape our water services to the end of the decade, so that we can make sure our services meet your needs and deliver community value.

Darren Cleary
Managing Director, Hunter Water Corporation

You’ll receive $170 per session if you are selected to participate.

Hunter Water’s costs of providing water services are increasing. These higher costs are likely to be passed on to customers through increased prices. We are also faced with some important decisions that will impact customer bills.

How do we balance providing reliable, high-quality services, while protecting the environment, creating a positive legacy for future generations, and keeping prices affordable?

Hunter Water are seeking community members (residents and businesses) to participate in our 2025 price proposal community panel process. The community panel will meet on six occasions to provide input on our future service delivery and prices.

The panel is part of the larger engagement program for Hunter Water’s pricing proposal to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) who set our prices every five years. We want the activities and investments that we propose to reflect your views and preferences, and the prices we charge to be fair.

The panel will be asked to consider feedback received in earlier consultations and use this to weigh up different activities and investments and trade-offs.

Anyone in your household and/or business owners or managers over the age of 18 can register to be part of the panel.

Hunter Water employees, contractors, and Board members from the last five years, as well as elected officials, are not eligible to participate.

The people who register their interest will be placed in a pool, and another random sample will be taken to select a final panel of 45 people that reflects the diversity of our customers and community. Only people who receive this invitation at their home or business can register.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Nivek Thompson from Deliberately Engaging on 0472 761 324 or via

If you need the assistance of an interpreter, please phone 131 450.

For more information on Hunter Water’s pricing proposal visit: